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The extended Reality ("XR") field  -- including augmented reality ("AR"), virtual reality ("VR") and mixed variations -- will eventually become a billion-dollar industry unto itself and will transform several industries it touches, such as video gaming, mobile apps and telecommunications. We believe that XR represents a new computing platform that will eventually replace PCs and smartphones.

But in 2017, it can be difficult to raise funding for an immersive entertainment project or company, and even more difficult to become profitable. But Seahorn is here to help.

Drawing on founder Marc Jackson's extensive background in media and video game financing, Seahorn Capital Group provides clients with the tools and expertise necessary to get to the next step - whether that's raising a seed equity round, funding a mobile app or other XR production, or licensing IP from a major studio. Seahorn provides financial connections, business advice, and C-level mentoring for digital businesses -- with a particular focus on AR and VR startups.

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For a bunch of hairless apes, we’ve actually managed to invent some pretty incredible things.
— Ernest Cline, Ready Player One


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