Anchor SLATE

Accelerator and Data-Driven Publishing Platform for Mobile AR apps.

Mobile AR is about to explode.

The launch of Apple’s ARKit has opened a huge window of opportunity for developers to create the first wave of AR apps with reach... 500 million compatible devices, in fact. Seahorn is launching the Anchor Slate co-publishing platform to assist the best creative teams across the globe to take advantage of this unique opportunity.


demo by Roadhouse Digital

demo by Roadhouse Digital

What We're Looking For


who have shipped projects for AR/VR, or experienced mobile development teams looking to get into ARKit and mobile AR creation. Highest consideration will go to teams who have a track record of data-driven freemium or premium success on mobile, and who can create sharable and viral apps with universal appeal.


that are in development but need acceleration, funding, and publishing support. These projects can be in idea stage as well. Original or licensed IP.

demo by Nedd

demo by Nedd


More Info

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