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Marc Jackson



Marc has been working in entertainment and media tech for three decades. Before forming Seahorn Capital Group in 2008, Marc worked in senior executive roles with Atari, Infogrames, Warner Brothers, Film Finances and Walt Disney Imagineering. Marc has negotiated financing deals of all sizes for interactive entertainment companies. His expertise lies in both alternative project-based financing (e.g., applying traditional media techniques to emerging sectors) and early-stage equity financing.


What We Do


Financial Advisory

Pulling from our extensive network of investor and industry connections, we have helped multiple startups raise seed funding and project finance. We selectively invest as an angel -- especially if we determine to work closely with the founders and board. We also advise on project-based and alternative financing, so we can fundraise projects and companies most VCs avoid due to "content risk" (like VR games and AR apps). Seahorn applies risk mitigation strategies from the traditional media financing world to these efforts, making project investment more attractive to a wide range of investors.


Seahorn has built relationships throughout the entertainment, gaming, and VR/AR/MR worlds; Seahorn uses these connections to arrange strategic partnerships and complex, often multi-party commercial deals. The companies that we advise have access to these partners and utilize them to grow their business. 

Strategic Consulting and Executive Coaching

We provide extensive advisory services to all of our client or portfolio companies. Some of these services include (for non-US companies): setting up US and California-based operations and accessing the best, most cost-effective legal, accounting and related business services. We work very closely with our portfolio company founders and boards to provide high-priority guidance and problem-solving.